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Chi! Ka! Go! 11-11

  • Que4 Radio Chicago, IL, 60622 United States (map)

Chi! Ka! Go! 11-11

***´¨) Chi! Ka! Go!
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` BrilliantlyMad Collective, and AngeLynx, invite you to Chi! Ka! Go!'s 9th Anniversary on Sunday, November 11th, 2018 at Que4 Studio. This is a re-unification with our extended chosen family, in harmony, activating the Sacred Circle of our Sanctuary City again. This brings us through the Galactic Gateway and into the Infinite light of where we are now, 11:11.

Last year we completed our monthly Chi! Ka! Go! series on our 8th Anniversary and excited to reunite in full awareness. We're also celebrating the 20th Anniversary of BrilliantlyMad Collective and inviting you to hold safe space with us. There are infinite opportunities as we continue to build our rainbow bridges and unite the Ark of Humanity.

This Chi! Ka! Go! experience offers you featured performances, ceremonies, healing sessions, live art, interactive workshops, chill spaces, sound journeys, kirtan, and more. Stay tuned as we continue to add experiences to this journey with you.

At this time you can payal $11.11 directly to for no service charge for Friends & Family.
$11.11 special until 10/22
$15 presales until 11/1
$20 presales until 11/11
(ticket link coming soon)
$25 offering at the gate (if available)
Kids 12 and under invited for free
17 and under welcome with parent



¸.•*11/11 - Shaping Fate (keynote address)
Eleven is the master number of creativity. 11/11 is a message from Spirit that our time of childhood as a race is yielding to young adulthood, and we are being offered lessons in world-creation, the arts of ethically and aesthetically evolving our personal and collective futures. CHI KA GO founder John Sacelli will present a half-hour of interactive and participatory numerology explaining the principles of 11/11 as the creative guideline in the process of Shaping Fates. 

¸.•*Kirtan Unification (Devotional Mantras)
Devi2000, Shanti Wendy, Marla Shuman and others

¸.•*Ecstatic Dance Chicago!
(stay tuned for DJ & details)

¸.•*Symphony Sound Bath with Qigong
Lisa Devi, Jane Justice and others

¸.•*SheWolf Performance
Featuring Julie Brannen and others

¸.•*Cacao Hearts on Fire with Naia Louise
Early Bird Opening at 6:15pm (additional fee)

¸.•*ATMAAN (Aeronautic Records)

¸.•*Tatiana Fonseca (Belly Dance)

¸.•*Cassandra Justine (Freeform Expression)

¸.•*Jay Taylor (Sound Voyage) 

¸.•*MC’d by Sequoyah Lacy

¸.•*LeekOvision (Live Body Painting)

¸.•*Colin Breen (Glow Poi & Flags)

¸.•*Bhairavi G. Patel (Vibrational Language Analysis)

¸.•*Liz Medrano (Shiatsu Therapy)

¸.•*Tony Holmes (Shamanic Soul Therapy)

¸.•*Alejandro Salinas (Thai Massage)

¸.•*John Sacelli (AngeLynx Alignments) 

¸.•*Angelique Nelson (Movement Flow Yoga)

¸.•*Jane Justice (Numerology)

¸.•*Robert Bershadsky (Thai & Fly Therapeutics)

¸.•*Jason Cunningham (Channeled Readings)

+ Much More To Be Announced…
If you want to bring your art or creative spark let us know.
Email with your ideas

Presented by BrilliantlyMad & AngeLynx
:: Life-Force Strategies of the Soul ::

CHI is the Life-Force, the Ki (Key), Mana, or dynamic vital energy which pervades all of life. The KA is the Spirit-Soul, our gathering of that CHI force into the uniqueness of our own being. And GO, the Oriental Game of Strategies, expresses the choices we make to share that uniqueness with our community. The CHI KA GO community coalesces through dancing, loving, healing, singing, and celebrating till the midnight hour. We offer this opportunity to join our community together with a variety of new modalities through the arts while sharing our hearts and souls with one another. You are welcome to release your barriers, set your intentions, and open to our wide-ranging spectrum of creativity.

CHI - The Life Force
KA - Egyptian for Spirit-Soul
Go - Chinese-Japanese Game of Strategies

➳ Ask First, Protect the Community & Leave No Trace
➳ Create Experiences Through Love & Compassion
➳ Maintain a Sober Atmosphere of High Vibrations
➳ Honor the Divinity in All

All Ages Welcome // 6pm till 1:11am
(kids under 17 must be with parent)
Location: Que4 2643 W. Chicago Avenue #2, Chicago
Free street parking / respect our neighbors

☆*•.¸TICKET SALES¸.•*☆
(ticket link coming soon)
$11.11 special until 10/22
$15 presales until 11/1
$20 presales until 11/11
$25 offering at the gate (if available)
Kids 12 and under invited for free
17 and under welcome with parent

To get discounted tickets, payal $11.11 directly to for Friends & Family by Monday. 

*Food for the potluck/non-alcoholic drinks
*Sacred items to charge on CommUnity Altar
*Healing modalities to offer
*Glow flow toys & props
*Gifting is encouraged
*Water container
*Yoga mat

*We are also requesting warm clothes to donate for those less fortunate during these cold days ahead. Especially requesting socks, hats, gloves, scarves, and coats.

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Yoga, Qigong & Sound Bath
Later Event: November 16
Healing the Collective: Sound Journey